Gotland Sheepskin no. 351

2.500,00 DKK

Size: 110 cm long/ 80 cm wide (Approx. 43″ long / 31″ wide)
Wool Length : Approx 3 cm
Symmetry: Good
Colour: Dark Gray
Curls: Large
Gloss: Good
Holes/ Stitches: a small hole on the skin side – not visible from the fur side.

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Gotland sheepskin are considered by many to be the most luxurious sheepskins, due to their shiny gray curls and unique texture.

The Gotland sheep is almost exclusively bred in Sweden, and since there are not many sheepfarmers left, the skins are very rare.

Due to the smooth surface of the individual hairs in the fur, Gotland sheepskins will not felt or become matted – even after many years of everyday use.

The skins keep up very well in homes with children and pets, and are a good choice for dining room chairs or as area rugs. A good shake once a week will keep them looking nice and shiny for many years.

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