Gotland Sheepskin no. 350

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Size: 110 cm long/ 80 cm wide (Approx. 43″ long / 31″ wide)
Wool Length : Approx 16 – 25 cm
Symmetry: Good
Colour: Dark Gray
Curls:  Large
Gloss: Good
Holes/ Stitches: a small hole on the skin side – not visible from the fur side.
Note that uncut skins are not sanded and polished on the skin side, and that uncut skins are NOT washable.

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Size: 100 cm long/ 75 cm wide (39.37″ x 29.53″)
Wool Length : Approx 2 to 3,5 cm
Symmetry: Very Good
Colour: medium grey
Curls: Small – Medium
Gloss: Medium – good
Underwool: A little
Holes/Stitches: A small hole on the skinside – not visible from the furside.

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